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"Brooke Williamson" Promo for TOC5,  Food Network, UrbanLegends, DOP

"McEnroe's Places, Anomaly Entertainment, DoP

"Grace Point" Independent Feature, First Row Films, DoP {in Post Prod.}

"Garage 56" 24hr Lemans Doc, Amazon Prime, Camera Operator {in Post Prod.}

"Quarterback" & "Receiver"  Netflix & NFL Films. Camera Operator 

"Race for the Championship", NASCAR Studios & NBC Sports, DoP

"Station Nation" Urban Legends, Food Network, DoP

"Peyton's Places", ESPN+, NFL Films, Camera Operator

"BBQ Guys: Grilling Cast" Omaha Productions, First Row Films, DoP 

"From the Top: Sky Brown" First Row Films, Olympic Channel, DoP

​“Secrets in the Sky” Skunkworks Doc, History Channel, DoP

"Eli's Places", ESPN+, NFL Films, Camera Operator

"Dana White: Looking for a Fight", First Row Films,YouTube, Camera Operator

“The Trials of Superman” Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics, AMC, DoP

“Two Bills” 30 for 30, ESPN Films Camera Operator

“Rebirth in New Orleans” The Timeline, NFL Network, DoP

“Road to Daytona” Motor Trend, DoP

“A Football Life” NFL Network, DoP & Camera Operator

“Four Falls of Buffalo” 30 for 30, ESPN Films, DoP

“Wendell Scott: A Race Story”  ESPN Films 

“The Book of Manning” SEC Storied, First Row Films, ESPN, DoP

“Inside the NFL” Showtime, Camera Operator

“The Ride of Their Lives” Viacom DoP

“Dale” The Story of Dale Earnhardt, Viacom, DoP

“Hard Knocks” HBO Sports, DoP & Camera Operator

“NFL Films Presents” ESPN, Camera Operator

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