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Some Recent Work Below

The above frame grab is one of my recent favorites.  The story is about a boy who is getting bullied... and his father is about to come home and find out.  I love creating drama in framing and lighting!

More frame grabs from the upcoming UFC short film below.  Video to follow later after it's release. 

Link to UFC Site 

Crash  Burn  Love

Click the link above to see the  teaser is for the upcoming feature documentary, now in production, that follows the lives of demolition derby competitors and tells their story of what it's like to race for the win.

UNRIVALED: Earnhardt vs. Gordon

The Dale Earnhardt-Jeff Gordon rivalry was a clash of both styles and generations. But it also produced an enduring friendship. Unrivaled aired Feb. 14, 2019 on FS1.  

I worked closely with production team to create a stylized look for the interviews shot on location in Charlotte, NC.  

Click on the left to see the trailer. 

NFL Draft Campaign

4 spots filmed over a few days in Dallas Texas leading up to the NFL Draft 2018.  Click on the videos below.

Robert Kirkman's Secret History of Comics

Season 1 - Episode #3 "The Trials of Superman."  I filmed the vintage scenes.

IMDB link here.   Click the button to see the video.

A Football Life: Eddie George

Interviews and additional scenes filmed for a "behind the scenes" look into Eddie George's life... on, off, and after the field.

Click the button to see the video.

Hard Knocks: LA Rams

An example of our Hard Knocks stye and coverage. Typically we had 6 crews working for 8 weeks to produce 6 shows that air on HBO as well as bonus web/media content like this.

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